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Take a turn around the gallery. I'm pretty eclectic, so you're bound to find something interesting. Plus a few tutorials are in there.


Mai Valentine by sakimichan Mai Valentine :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,908 253
600 DPI tones + Links updated
Hi everyone. I've gone through my old screentones site and updated the link portion of the site, weeding out the old dead links and adding some new spiffy ones. Many of the new links are not in English and I had ton of fun scavenging after them without knowing any Japanese!
You'll notice that not only are there links for photoshop, but also downloads for Manga Studio (mainly 3d modules), comicworks and other additional screentone plugins.
I'm also upset Powertone TDT. files aren't compatible with Computones ¦can</i> resize them for webcomicing purposes.
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The Season Censors
We don't have winter anymore. 
It was banned. 
Human rights activists said it discriminated against the poor and homeless, who couldn't buy warm clothing. Environmentalists said that it was a dastardly attempt by the weather to deny the reality of global warming.  Manufacturers of flip-flops and bikinis complained that it was bad for business. 
Obviously such a depraved season could not be allowed to exist in a progressive country like ours.  You can see the proof of our forward-thinking attitude everywhere you go.  Look out the window of a rattletrap old bus (new vehicles are illegal; they were wasteful, and caused feelings of resentment in people who didn't have them) and the billboards by the side of the road are shouting.  One bellows, “Intolerance will not be tolerated!”   Its neighbor shrieks, “You may not criticize freedom of speech!”
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Xander Mayes
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I never know what to write for these things. Honestly, I don't. :) So the bare bones of it are;

I've got a pretty eclectic set of interests, so I'll make art of almost anything. I've been at this for a while (15 years...holy crap! :eyepopping: ), but as far as I'm concerned, I've still got a lot to learn, so I'm always working to improve my skills.

I guess the last part should be this; I try to respond to everything I get...within reason. Sometimes I get comments I just have no good response to, and I'm not going to clutter up anyone's page with "thank yous."

So thanks for reading this...but go wander my gallery. That's where the interesting stuff is! :D
Not really meant as a full on Journal, but something I can refer people to. Needed a title that was easy to pick out of the list if I had to do that. :D

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Self Loving 11
Halinor, from WITCH, another of the previous Guardians (the group dubbed CHYKN...I'm kinda working my way through them in order, aren't I? ). Halinor was the Guardian of Fire...and while Cassidy's story was more or less the same between the comic and the cartoon...Halinor's kinda wasn't. Adaptation weirdness. In one, she was dead, in the other she was a member of Kandrakar's ruling council.

Anyway, Halinor had a more timid personality in both version (The wiki actually phrased it more like "tendency for self-interest causing betrayal"), so I didn't figure the more "aggressive" situations would really play into her personality all that well. So I went more "romantic."

...Also, that's supposed to be Kandrakar in the background. The original version(s) all make Kandrakar look like a prison made out of clouds, and I wanted something more alien and ethereal.

There's a Behind the Scenes version of this on my Patreon, while a higher res version is going to my Ko-fi. If you wanna help be keep doing this on a regular basis, consider supporting me through any of my support sites. Links to which are all found here: Ways to support The Artist I know, I know...links to links :)
Ars Valkyria Pg 23
First Page
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Man, I have been just waiting to do this page! Do a bit of Mifune fanart and progress the story? What's not to like? ...No, this isn't in black and white just for this page. That'd be silly. :D Got another reason for it, actually, but I won't deny it helped for this page rather a lot.
Self Loving 10 Cassidy of CHYKN/WITCH
So...yeah. Another entry in this series. Got something to make sure I get to before anything else, though...and spoiler alert if that matters to you for some reason.

The character died in both the comic and animated versions of WITCH. What isn't clear is her age. That was never explicitly spelled out anywhere, so...this is sort of a "Your mileage may vary" situation. I checked as much as was reasonable without ready access to the entire run of the comics and/or animated series (honestly, this one is tough to get to! :faint: ). I'm assuming that since most of what we learn about her is sometime after she became a Guardian, she was in her late-teens early twenties when originally a ghost, if I recall correctly... You'd think it be in the WITCH wiki, but it ain't. :shrug: It's the best I got, and it's gonna have to do.

Okay, now that that's done with...I had to think about this one for a while. The aforementioned potential issues aside, one of the criteria I use for making selections for images in this series is that the characters have a duplicate/alternate they can regularly interact with physically--no extraordinary means required. That presented a problem because I was familiar with WITCH the animated series, but I've only read maybe half of the comics...and the rules regarding the Astral Drops were different in each.

Also, water is a pain. I have a love/hate relationship with it, apparently. I love to try my hand at it, it hates to let me succeed. :) Personally, I think it looks...okay. Kinda good, kinda's okay.
Ars Valkyria Pg22
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First Page

Whoo! Been a while, huh? Ah, well. This scene..or page, rather...took a lot more effort to get right than I figured it would! Which is why it's been so long....but Ars Valkyria lives! It just grows really, really, really slowly sometimes... :D Also, thought I'd add a "First Page" link from now on. It's getting about to the point where that's a good idea.

If you want me to, oh, I dunno, speed things up, then consider supporting my efforts! Now doable through several places, so pick whichever one you like! And just for the sake of convenience, all the links are located here: Ways to support The Artist

Mature Content

RWBY Bumblebee2 Anim
Mature flag because better safe than sorry... :shrug: They're not really nude in the typical sense, after pink parts and pointy bits on the models... The Poser images I make are really only intended to make sure I don't lose myself in the detail work and forget about the overall composition I'm making. Why would I go to the trouble of putting clothes on a figure that's not gonna match the eventual end result?

Anyway...ever since I first uploaded Bumblebee 2, I have gotten the occasional comment on Yang's apparently broken neck...which is irritating because I know better, but also amusing because the commenter...doesn't. Weird mix. A lot of the confusion comes from the extreme low angle I used for the comp and the dance pose I used for Yang. Since I wanted both Yang and Blake to have poses that said "We're moving a lot," I figured I was gonna get some apparent weirdness...and I did. At least some of it is from an error of my own in the drawing itself, though I'm not too clear on what it was, exactly...although I'm also not so sure it was avoidable, either....without making this look like they were about to lay down some mad beats, or something, and I didn't want that.

So...that's what this is about. I figured an animation would be better than a set of comparative images, so, here it is. And I figured it was better in Scraps because...well, it's not exactly a good animation, now is it?




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