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Take a turn around the gallery. I'm pretty eclectic, so you're bound to find something interesting. Plus a few tutorials are in there.





FF13 Jihl Nabaat Inked and Base Colors
Second stage. The inking is done, so the lines are nice and clean (compared to the sketch) and the basic colors are in. There's also just one bit of Special FX at this point, the lights. Those are easy enough to do, and doing it now ensures that I don't forget about the light sources when I get into the finishing steps.

As far as the lines are concerned, I don't use any special Photoshop brushes. Just the standard hard-edged brushes. As I'm working at 400 DPI for these images, I stick to just three sizes for the inking process. 5px, 7px, and 10px. In general, the lighter the object, like hair, the finer I want the lines in order to bolster the idea of lightness. I also use it for definition lines in metallic objects. Heavy materials get the thicker 7 pixel brush.

The 10 pixel size is reserved for what are called "contour lines" or really heavy materials. Contour lines are basically the outside lines of any given object, like Jihl herself. Doing that helps bring her out of the background, even before the basic colors go in. With them, those thicker lines become kind of subliminal, and will be more or less completely subliminal by the time I finish up with the shadows and highlights later.

Speaking of the background! Since this is a batch of buildings, it's mostly made up of sharp edges. That being the case, I could get away with sticking to Photoshop's line tool at 3 pixels wide. I've seen people say "never use that tool," which I don't get. I suppose if you're working on a tablet PC and the monitor is also the drawing surface, you can use a ruler to get that straight line...but if you're not (like most of us do. Tablet PC's are expensive), then the straight line tool is a perfectly acceptable alternative as long as you're careful about the line weight you pick. The other thing is that by keeping the lines as regular as possible, it actually make the background less interesting and the foreground more interesting, so the focus of the pic will stay on Jihl. Exactly where I want it, but it'll be more pronounced as I finish it up.

Oh! Before I forget. I dropped the circles that had been on the floor jack because I didn't want to have it be too busy. The color was going to be enough to the draw the eye to it without adding anything else.
FF13 Jihl Nabaat Sketch
Because I loathe posting teasers...I wonder why? Damfino :shrug: ...I honestly do not know why I despise them so...

Erm...Anyway! So, yeah. Working up a bit of Jihl...But the FF13 design aesthetic is massively complicated. So much extraneous, eye catching visual nonsense. It can be really hard to tell what's going on if the design is too complicated. ...Come to think of it, that might be one reason 13 gets so much hate as it does... And no one knows because it's literally in front of their faces! :eyepopping: There are some at least quasi-legit reasons for it (so never let it be said I don't acknowledge the game's faults), but a lot of the hate is mostly just people not thinking about what the dev team was trying for...and not achieving.

Anyway, since I hate teasers and this is a hot mess (if a funny one...), I figured I might as well put out the sketch and talk about it a bit. And, I dunno, maybe just do a short series around this one about how I approach each step. What do you think about that idea?

I do use multiple colors when making my sketches. When everything is just lines on a white background, the use of other colors besides black helps to make some sense out of it. I keep them all on different layers, however. That way if I make a mistake, I don't end up wiping out some work I do like and want to keep.

What you're not seeing here, though, is the rough initial sketch. This is a more refined, pre-inking sketch, despite how rough the lines are (I know. If this is a refined sketch, the rough must be pretty messy...and it usually is). There are still a few things I was thinking about putting in before I inked it (...I do this digitally, but the process is still called "inking." Weird...), so this isn't a "completed" sketch in that sense.


Like what you see? Want to see more of it? Support me on Patreon! You'll get access to all sorts of things by doing so. Fanart PSD's, NSFW versions, and seeing what I'm up to before it posts here on DA!
As seen from the recipient's POV. :D

*ahem* Orlha and Tia from Chrono Cross. I've been wanting to do this one for a while, but getting decent references for Tia...well...there aren't any. Not from Square, anyway. There are some fanart bits and a few clips of the Sisterhoods Tech, but that's pretty much it. So I got to wing it! :D

Head over to my Patreon page and follow or support me to see this stuff early, and get access to .psds of fanart like this one.
Ars Valkyria Page 21
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Michelle's actually pretty fit...but she's not exactly used to not having elevators or escalators available when she needs to change elevations. Climbing long flights of stairs? Not exactly a common American experience...and the Japanese walk everywhere when they're not on a train. She has much to acclimate to... :devilish:

Head over to my Patreon page and follow or support me to see this stuff early, and get access to a full .ZIP archive I'll update as each chapter is finished (starting with this one, obviously :) ).
AMG Ansuz Swimsuit Pinup
And here we have the last AMG swimsuit pinup I'm gonna do (for a while, at least :) ). Ansuz, mother of Belldandy and Skuld. Who is always just a little hard to compose and design for, really. I mentioned this the last time I did anything with her, but she shows up for like half a chapter in the manga and then...nothing. So there's very little really known about her, and that lack of information makes the whole process difficult. :shrug: Ah well, it's done.

As always, you can support or follow me on Patreon to see this stuff early, get a behind the scenes look with the .PSD's and the NSFW versions I often do for fanart.
I'm gonna try to keep this simple, mostly so things are as easy for everyone involved as possible. :)

Requests Guidelines:
1: Send me a note with the Subject Header "Art Request." Please don't leave it in comments. Notes I keep until the request is fulfilled; comments are removed from my Feedback Queue after I reply to them. That means the Note becomes a way for me to verify I completed the right request for the right person, and I can tell them it's done and where to find it. It's a lot easier than trying to find the right comment under the right Deviation.

2: Keep the request simple. Two characters max, basic description of their personality(ies), and a general idea of what you want the image to convey. Want something more specific than that? Check the Commissions Guidelines below, instead.

3: There are things I just won't do as a request. I can, and will, refuse a request that involves one of those things. It's nothing personal. Requested art pieces are things I'm doing for fun, not because I have to, so I make decisions on what I'll do on that basis. If it sounds like fun and the overall idea is pretty straightforward, I'll do it. If not, then I won't. :shrug:

4 (Last guideline, I promise. :) ) : I have a work schedule that's about a month deep, and I post things only once a week, so I can't really do requests on short notice. I have to work them into the schedule and then do them.

Commissions Guidelines:
1: Send me a Note with the Subject Header "Art Commission." This is for the same reasons as with requests, with two additions, which will be mentioned below.

2: Commissions can be made fairly complex, as opposed to requests which are best kept more simplistic. I will engage in some back and forth with you on it, however, so that I can not only achieve the desired outcome, but give you an accurate price quote. There are things I won't do, even to get paid, and I'll let you know if the subject you want falls under that category and why. The range of potential subjects is vast, so making a list here would be downright impossible.

3: As noted in the requests, I have a work schedule that's about a month deep, and Commissions are taken on a first-come, first served basis (that's where at least part of my work schedule come from to begin with), so I cannot guarantee that you will receive the finished piece in a shorter time frame. If you need it faster than that, for any reason, I may not be the artist for you.

4: And now we get to the important bit. It's not a guideline, as such, but more a meterstick so you know what to expect. The pricing and how to pay me. :) In general, I give quotes, so everybody pays something a bit different. This lets me be flexible and work inside of anyone's possible budget constraints.
    That said, any single image will run about $50USD-$100USD, and take about 2 days on average to complete once it comes up in my schedule. Comics are $450 for black and white or $525 for full color, and take about a week to complete, sometimes more. These I try to have about a two week window to work on so that I've got some leeway.
        After we've hashed out the idea and finalized it to your satisfaction, I'll send you my PayPal address or a PayPal Request to your Email, whichever works better for you, and not one minute before. Once payment has been received, your project will be considered locked in, added to the work schedule, and not subject to change. It will be completed as per our conversation prior to payment.
        All sales are final. I will not give refunds. I operate on a shoestring budget at the moment, so I couldn't afford to even if I wanted to. Maybe later I'll be able to offer that.

And that's my "guidelines" on requests and commissions, folks. It's a big block of text, I know, but these are somewhat important, and I'm a bit tired of having to type it out repeatedly whenever I get someone asking if I take requests. :)


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Xander Mayes
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I never know what to write for these things. Honestly, I don't. :) I get rather verbose as a result (much to my annoyance). So the bare bones of it are;

1: I'm an illustrator, but I guess you figured that part out already. :)
2: Stylistically, what I do is called Fusion. Primarily it consists of Japanese anime/manga with some Western comic book thrown in for flavor.
3: Given the choice, I draw women. Why? Mostly because I'm male, but women have much more interesting, er...costume choices. Yeah, that's it. Costume choices. :shifty:
4: I have a remarkably earthy sense of humor, which oddly doesn't show up much in my art. So I'll probably offend you at some point. So ye be warned.

Working on several things. There's the comic/manga...conga? Ars Valkyria, so check that gallery folder out. If you like it you can follow me via Patreon (click the link below), or even send me a buck or two to help keep it going.




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